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SULI program Summer '23

Amritha and Randall joined the group for this Summer

Amritha Pallavoor and Randall Walker joined the group as summer interns

Excited to share a highlight from this summer: mentoring two outstanding interns, Amritha S Pallavoor and Randall Walker.

Amritha is an exceptional undergraduate pursuing her degree in computer science with an interest in AI and its application to environmental sciences. Her projects focused on developing predictive models for microbial traits. Randall's research focused on developing a visualization tool able to capture the intricate relationships within a mountainous watershed – a dynamic and complex system. He is interested in machine learning, remote sensing, and environmental factors that shape the world around us.

I'm excited for all that Amritha and Randall will go on to do. Their intellect and passion is evident, and I have no doubt that they will make meaningful contributions.

For those intrigued by internship programs designed to promote STEM at Berkeley Lab, I encourage you to explore this link – it could very well be a pathway to exciting opportunities.

A few pictures with Amritha, Randall and other interns within our group.

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